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Hello from Tuna Developers!

Tuna makes the integration with many payment connections quick and easy. You will also be able to optimize your authorization rate, processing costs, and fraud occurrences. See below how to start processing payments using Tuna's solution.

Hello from Tuna Developers!

Get an account#

To start working with Tuna you will need to get an account, so we can send your credentials. Contact us and get your account.


Integrate with Tuna#

Select the integration type that better works for you from the options below:


Activate the connections you want to use#

In Console, you will define which of the connections already integrated with Tuna you want to use. You do not need any code to activate the connections. You only need to create your account in the connections you choose to get your credentials to connect with Tuna.


Create flows#

You need at least one payment connection enabled to create a flow. In the flow, you define which and how each connection will participate in processing your transactions. Know more.


Publish your flows#

You need at least one flow published in the Console to enable payments on your site. If you need help, please contact us.