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Hello from Tuna Developers!

Tuna makes the integration with many payment services quick and easy. You will also be able to optimize your authorization rate, processing costs, and fraud occurrences. See below how to start processing payments using Tuna's solution.

Hello from Tuna Developers!

Get your Tuna Account#

To start your integration with Tuna, you need to have an account at Tuna to get your credentials.


Integrate with Tuna#

To accept payments online, you have to select at least one of the integration options below:


Set up your services and payment flows in Console#

Once you have your account and your integration concluded, you can start using the Console to manage your payment transactions.

You will set up your services in the Console, such as payment and anti-fraud service providers, and your payment flows with no coding! Depending on the service you select, you will need to ask for the credentials and secret keys of the applicable providers.


Activate your credentials to go live.#

Before going live with Tuna's solution, you have to notify us by sending an email to