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Monitor and manage your transactions from all your connections in one single place.



In the Transactions menu, you can manage all the transactions submitted to our gateway. In the main page, you will find a list of orders that can be filtered by date and the transaction profile using the componentes located at the top: Filter, Date Range and Search.


Please note that the order list shows the last 7 days by default.


There you will find several filter criteria, such as payment method, card brand, connection, status, amount range and others. You just need to select the checkboxes of the criterias you want to add and click on Filter at the bottom. These filters are applicable at a transaction, even though you will see a filtered list of the orders whose at least one of their transactions matches the criteria. Filter criteria are cumulative, thus you can select as many as you want.

The naming convention adopted for the Status filter is described below.

AuthorizedApplicable to credit card payments. This is a transaction that was authorized by the payment connection but the payment has not been captured yet.
CanceledThis is a transaction that had its payment processing canceled before the payment connection has either captured or rejected it.
Partially CanceledThis is a transaction that has been in Finalized status, but its payment has been partially refunded to the customer.
Canceling PendingThis is a transaction that has been in Finalized status, but its payment is still in the process of being refunded to the customer.
ChargebackApplicable to credit card payments. This is a transaction that has been in Finalized status, but the customer claimed to the card issuer that he does not recognize this payment.
RefundedThis is a transaction that has been in Finalized status, but its payment has been refunded to the customer.
ErrorThis is a transaction that had a connection that failed and the payment could not be processed.
ExpiredApplicable to asynchronous payments, such as PIX and Boleto. This is a transaction that had no response about the customer payment confirmation until the payment expiration period.
FinalizedThis is a transaction that has been approved by a connection and had its payment captured.
DeniedThis is a transaction that has been rejected by a connection.
PendingApplicable to asynchronous payments, such as PIX and Boleto. This is a transaction that is waiting for the customer payment confirmation.
Pending RefundThis is a transaction that had a payment refund request, but it has not been finalized yet.
ProcessingThis is a transaction that has been submitted but the connection has not responded. If you have transactions in this status for too long, it might indicate you have an error in your Flows setup.

Date Rage#

There you can select either the start and the end date of the desired period or use one of the pre-set filters located on the left side. You can also use the components on the top of the calendar to find the desired date faster. This date considers the date of the payment start and not the date of the final event related to the transaction.


There you can select a filter criterion and then inform the corresponding value. Search criteria are not cumulative, thus you can only use one search criteria.

Of the criterias used to filter the list of transactions are located in the Filters Selected section. In addition, if you click on Download. On the right top side of the list, there is an option to download the full list of the transactions considering your filter criterias in a .csv or .xlsx format.

Each transaction of the list has a menu on the right side. There you will see some options for this transaction, such as see more details.

Transaction details#

You can have more details about a transaction by clicking on it or selecting this option in the transaction menu. The transaction details are divided in the sections: header, timeline, payment details, events and logs. Depending on the features you have hired, you might have additional sections.


Here is located the main information about the transaction and a menu. In this menu, you will find the option to refund the transaction if you have the rights and there is still a balance to be refunded.

In case the transaction has more than one payment method, you will see each of them right below the header. If you click on one of them, all the sections below will be updated accordingly.


The refund is performed at the transaction and not at the payment method level. You have the option to cancel the remaining balance (total amount), a specific value or some items.


Here is located a summary of the main events related to the payment method. The events are ordered from the most recent (top) to the oldest (bottom) and show all the connections that took part of the payment processing.

Payment details#

Here is located the main information about the payment connection provided who gave the final call on the payment method status.

Events and Logs#

Here is located a more detailed version of the timeline. If you click on the boxes on the left side, it will appear on the right side the data sent in the API request and the data received in the API response, when applicable, for that event. This section is designed for users with technical background that can support investigating issues with the payment.