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Service Settings

Integrate many services, such as payment gateways, anti-fraud systems and more, into your application.

Service Settings

Service Overview#

You can easily integrate several services in your payment flows at Tuna Console. Here you will find further information about the services available and how to open an account with each provider.

Integrating a service provider:#

  1. Open an account with the service provider.
  2. Get your production keys.
  3. Set up the service in Console.
  4. Include your service providers in a Flow.

Setting up the service#

In the Service section at Console, you will find all service integrations that Tuna have developed. In addition, there is a section with your active services, another one with the most popular service in your country, and finally, a button that will list all services available ordered by name.

If you are trying to find a provider not on our list or you need a feature that is not implemented, let us know. We always do our best to address the needs of our customers!

Once you find the desired service:

  1. Select de service.
  2. Set up the service. Each service requires a specific configuration. Check out our service guide.
  3. Save your changes. Once you click on the Save button, we will run some tests to validate your setup.
  4. Inform your Service Fees.

Common errors when setting up a Service:

  • Check whether the Service keys you are informing are for the production environment.
  • Remember to check if you need to activate any specific payment method: Boleto Bancário, PIX, etc.
  • Don't forget to include the service in a Flow! You can always check whether the service is linked to a flow in the Service section.

Service Fees#

This setup is highly recommended. It impacts how the cost of the services is impacting your net revenue. The more accurate the fees you inform in Console, the better you can evaluate your results. Once you and your service provider agree on the fees, inform them in the Fees section of the Service details. You have the option to provide a fixed value per transaction or a percentage of the transaction amount.

You should keep fees updated to reflect your results better. You can also leverage this setup to double-check whether the fees agreed with your service provider are correct. Since we keep the history of the fees configured, their impact will be reflected in the period applicable.