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Integrate as many payment and anti-fraud providers into your payment processing without any coding.



We have a payment, an anti-fraud and a velocity solution available, but you are free to connect any of the services already integrated into our solution. In case you decide to use third-party services, you need to negotiate the commercial terms and get your account details and credentials with them. Then, you just have to provide the required information to activate your service in Console and add it into your flows. We highly recommend that you fillI out your service fees.


Here you will find further information about all the services available and where to contact them.

Service Setup#

In the Service menu, you will find all the services set up for your account and all the services already integrated with Tuna. You can also use the filters on the top of the page to find the service you want.


If you are trying to find a provider not on our list or you need a feature that is not implemented, let us know.

Each service requires a specific configuration. Check out our guidelines for each service in our service guide. Once you are done and click on the Save button, we will run some tests to validate your setup and you will get feedback whether the set up is successful.

You can also see which flows use the services set up for your account in the Service menu.

Common errors:

  • Check whether the credentials are for the production or testing environment.
  • Check if you have a service for all payment methods you want to offer to your customers.
  • Enable just the options you have hired. Some fields are mandatory for specific payment methods, for example, and you do not need to inform them in case you disable them.
  • Only active services can be added to a Flow.

Service Fees#

The service fee tab will be available once you try to activate a service. We highly recommend you to inform your service fees to have visibility on how it impacts your payment processing costs. The quality of the fees informed by you will ensure you can accurately evaluate your results in Console.

The fields you can fill out to configure your fees will vary by service. In case any of them does not reflect the commercial condition agreed with your service provider, let us know.