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Payment Link

Collect payments online outside your website with payment links and manage them in Console.

Payment Link


Payment links are very useful if you want to allow your customers to leverage the convenience of collecting payments online without having to direct your customers to the checkout of your website.

The payment link processing also considers what was defined in your Flows, as it would for a regular transaction collected through your checkout. However, you can tailor a Flow dedicated to payment link transactions.

This feature is not enabled by default.f you are interested in it, please contact us at Once you have the payment link feature enabled, a menu will appear on the left side of your Console.

Create a payment link#

You need to define at least: title or description, value, payment methods available to your customer, maximum of installments allowed (for credit card payments), and expiration period. You can optionally include your order id. If there is no issue with the information provided, you will see the URL and other details of the payment link once you click on Create New.

There are 3 status for payment links: active, used, and expired. Active means the link is ready to use. Used means the customer tried to pay the link (successfully or not). And, Expired means the link expired before the customer tried to use it.

You can manually expire active links by selecting the option Expire Now in the menu located on the right side of the link.


If the customer tries to pay the link, the Expire Now option will not be available.

Before the link expiration period, a customer can retry to pay a used link until he finally has a successful attempt. Once a link has a successful attempt, it remains with the used status, but it expires. All used links will have one or more related transactions. You can find them by selecting View Transactions in the payment link menu or details.


There is a search bar on the top of the payment link list. You can find links searching by link ID and title.