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Set up your main account or create and manage new accounts.



Once you finish your registration at Tuna, two accounts will be automatically created for you. One of them is your main account and the other is a homologation account. In case you manage different websites, you can create a new account for each of them in the account menu located on the top left side.

You can use the homologation account to test your integration with Tuna before submitting real transactions on your website. This account has -homolog attached to its name and is set up with a published flow with the Dummy connection. This connection mocks the payment processing for credit cards, PIX and boleto bancário.

In case you use the integration through APIs, you just need to consider the Tuna credentials of the -homolog account in your testing environment. For platform integrations, you can use its Tuna credentials in a different website and submit testing transactions from there before integrating Tuna to your actual website.

The options available in the account settings menu are: Profile, Users, Company, Integration, Webhook, Reports and Help


Where you can update the language in your Console, the name of your user and your password.


Where you can grant access to new users to specific accounts. The user who finalized the registration at Tuna is labeled as Owner and is automatically added to any other account created later.

Each user has a role and each role has a set of permission as described in the below. In case a user has access to two or more accounts, the rights of his role will be reflected in all accounts.

MenuAdministratorViewerFinanceCustomer SupportTechnologySales*
SettingsProfile, Company, Users, Integration, Webhook, Create new accountsProfileProfileProfileProfile, Integration, WebhookProfile
TransactionsRefund, Download Receipt, Download TransactionsDownload Receipt, Download TransactionsRefund, Download Receipt, Download TransactionsRefund, Download Receipt, Download TransactionsDownload Receipt, Download TransactionsDownload Receipt
Payment Links*Edit-EditEditEditEdit

All features or roles marked with * are set up on demand. In case you need a custom role, contact us.


Where you inform the billing information of the account and accept our Terms and Conditions. Please note that this is mandatory for processing your payments with Tuna.


Where you inform how you will integrate with Tuna and get your Tuna credentials.

The steps required for integrating your website with Tuna varies depending on the type of integration selected. Do not forget to click on Save at the end of the page to update your integration settings.

The Tuna credentials are composed of a key and a token. Except for VTEX, it is possible to share the tokenized credit cards among all the accounts. It will define whether you will use the credentials by partner or account level. If you don't have two accounts or more, we recommend that you use the account level credentials.


In case you are not using VTEX, you will need to inform the URL of the endpoint of your webhook. This setup will ensure we will keep your website updated regarding the asynchronous update events of your payments, such as payment confirmation, chargeback, cancellation and others.


The information needed for the webhook setup for VTEX is already informed at the Integration tab.

For platforms, such as WooCommerce and Magento, the URL is usually:

{your website}/?wc-api=tuna_payment_callback

If you use the integration through APIs, you must create an endpoint for the webhook on your server.

In addition to the URL, you must inform which Methods you want to notify your website. Ideally, it would be best to define only events relevant to your website to avoid undue strain on your server. However, if you don't know which of them are relevant, we recommend selecting all available options.

You can also include an Authentication. This is an optional setup that helps to prevent attacks and keep your customers' information secure.


Gain comprehensive insights into your account's performance by accessing previously generated reports. Download these reports to analyze key metrics, track progress, and make informed decisions for your business. The reports section allows you to have a broader view of your activities and optimize your strategies effectively.


Contact the support team for additional assistance.