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Webhooks Notifications#

Payment Notifications#

To receive a payment status notification (i.e., payment settlement or cancellation confirmation), you need to first configure the webhook URL in your Console.

See below the flow of a notification:

And here is an example of a notification payload:

"id": 21636,
"paymentKey": "134641C000053BB",
"partnerUniqueId": "22193",
"statusId": "P",
"amount": 65.97,
"operationId": "O0002134641C000063D3",
"methods": [
"methodType": "D",
"status": "C",
"methodId": 0,
"operationAmount": 65.97
"items": [
"paymentItemId": 0,
"productID": 11,
"productDescription": "Pizza",
"amount": 21.990000,
"quantity": 3,
"categoryID": 0,
"data": {
"ProductID": 11,
"CategoryID": 0

Parameters description:

IDThe ID of the notification
paymentKeyThe unique transaction ID generated by Tuna
partnerUniqueIdThe ID used by the partner to identify the transaction
statusIdThe new status of the transaction
amountThe full amount of the transaction
operationIdThe ID of the operation (informed, e.g., in a cancellation request)
methodsThe list of payment methods used for this transaction
itemsThe list of payment items

See more details about the properties in the response object of the endpoint api/Payment/Init/.