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API Guide#

Table of Contents#

Split Integration#

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  • API Guide: are you looking for a guide for our APIs? Check out the introduction to the API Guide.

  • Payment Integration: do you need to be able to perform secure credit card payments and/or also use other payment methods such as Debit Card, Boleto, PIX, Bitcoin? Checkout how to perform a Payment Integration with our Payment API and Token API.

  • Split Integration: are you looking to set up a marketplace, so your merchants will use split payment solutions in your marketplace? Check out how to perform a Split Integration with our Merchant API.

  • Tuna Codes: do you need to learn about your codes and status? Please, check out the Tuna Codes.

  • Webhooks Notifications: learn more about our notifications in the guide Webhooks Notifications.

  • Sandbox Environment: check out for information about test data and a full description of the Sandbox Environment.

  • Idempotent Requests: do you require idempotent requests? Take a look how to make Idempotent Requests.