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NIST Mappings to Tuna Policies and Controls#


Below is a list of NIST SP 800-53 Controls Families and the mappings to Tuna policies and controls in place.

IDNIST SP 800-53 Control FamilyTuna Policies and Controls
ACAccess ControlAccess
ATAwareness and TrainingRoles and Responsibilities
AUAudit and AccountabilityRoles and Responsibilities; Compliance Audits
CASecurity Assessment and AuthorizationRisk Management; Access
CMConfiguration ManagementConfiguration and Change Management
CPContingency PlanningBusiness Continuity and Disaster Recovery
IAIdentification and AuthenticationAccess
IRIncident ResponseIncident Response; Breach Notification
MAMaintenanceConfiguration and Change Management
PEPhysical and Environmental ProtectionFacility and Physical Security
PLPlanningSecurity Program Overview; Security Architecture & Operating Model
PSPersonnel SecurityHR & Personnel Security
RARisk AssessmentRisk Management
SASystem and Services AcquisitionThird Party Security, Vendor Risk Management and Systems/Services Acquisition
SCSystem and Communications ProtectionData Management; Data Protection; and Threat Detection & Prevention
SISystem and Information IntegrityData Management; Data Protection; Product Security & Secure Software Development; Vulnerability Management;and System Audits, Monitoring & Assessments
PMProgram ManagementSecurity Program Overview; Roles and Responsibilities; and Policy Management