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HIPAA Mappings to Tuna Policies and Controls#


Below is a list of HIPAA Safeguards and Requirements and the Tuna policies and controls in place to meet those.

HIPAA Administrative ControlsTuna Policies and Controls
Security Management Process - 164.308(a)(1)(i)Risk Management
Assigned Security Responsibility - 164.308(a)(2)Roles and Responsibilities
Workforce Security - 164.308(a)(3)(i)HR & Personnel Security
Information Access Management - 164.308(a)(4)(i)Access Policy; Data Management; and Data Protection
Security Awareness and Training - 164.308(a)(5)(i)Roles and Responsibilities Policy; and HR & Personnel Security
Security Incident Procedures - 164.308(a)(6)(i)Threat Detection and Prevention; and Incident Response
Contingency Plan - 164.308(a)(7)(i)Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Evaluation - 164.308(a)(8)Compliance Audits and System Audits
HIPAA Physical SafeguardsTuna Policies and Controls
Facility Access Controls - 164.310(a)(1)Facility and Physical Security
Workstation Use - 164.310(b)Access Policy and HR & Personnel Security
Workstation Security - 164.310('c')Access Policy and HR & Personnel Security
Device and Media Controls - 164.310(d)(1)Mobile Device Security and Disposable Media Management; Data Management; and Data Protection
HIPAA Technical SafeguardsTuna Policies and Controls
Access Control - 164.312(a)(1)Access Policy
Audit Controls - 164.312(b)Compliance Audits and System Audits
Integrity - 164.312('c')(1)Access Policy; Compliance Audits and System Audits; and Threat Detection and Prevention
Person or Entity Authentication - 164.312(d)Access Policy
Transmission Security - 164.312(e)(1)Access Policy; Data Management; and Data Protection
HIPAA Organizational RequirementsTuna Policies and Controls
Business Associate Contracts or Other Arrangements - 164.314(a)(1)(i)Business Associate Agreements; Vendor Management
HIPAA Policies and Procedures and Documentation RequirementsTuna Policies and Controls
Policies and Procedures - 164.316(a)Policy Management
Documentation - 164.316(b)(1)(i)Policy Management
HITECH Act - Security ProvisionsTuna Policies and Controls
Notification in the Case of Breach - 13402(a) and (b)Breach Notification
Timelines of Notification - 13402(d)(1)Breach Notification
Content of Notification - 13402(f)(1)Breach Notification